Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday Updated...

by Sean....Turtledove's foot is still swollen and black & blue. It doesn't seem to be bothering her though. We went to Popham at low tide and she was running just as fast as ever....maybe the cold water makes her foot numb and she can't feel the pain! Before going to Popham G and I took the Kayak out for a while. We didn't quite make it all the way to the Basin...maybe today or tomorrow. We got take out from Anna's Waterside last night since our neighbors didn't haul yesterday. Hopefully, we'll get some fresh lobsters today. The Bean and I fell asleep on the hammock for a was nice. The girls got to bed late again last night - they are tired. It's over-cast this morning and might rain...I'm sure we will find some adventure to get in to.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swept Away - To the Emergency Room

Went down to Popham Beach, and what day. The tide was going out so the pools around the beach were great fun to jump in. There also was a strong current that you could catch with your body and float downstream..what a blast.Some spots were rough though and you had to make sure your bottom was up, or else you'd touch bottom it was so shallow. Came back to get ready for our feast with Uncle Bob & Aunt Betty...when...CRASH! Whahhhhh!! All I heard was Turtle Dove scream and cry. Turned around an she was on the floor with the coffee table on top of her little foot. It swelled up black and blue immediately to the size of a golf ball. Off to emergency room we go. (it was ugly)

Maine Midland Hospital took a few xrays and determined that yes - she had a fracture of her 4th metatarpel. They put splint on and sent her home. Early today she and Sean went to the orthopedist to get a cast put on, but low and behold, the Doc said it was inconclusive - hard to say with little bones/cartilage. He decided not to put a cast on, and said that she could put weight on it if she wanted to. As I write this, she is walking around like nothing happened. thank God for resilient kids. i think we'll go to the beach later and stick her piggies in the cold water :-)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Arrrgh Mateys! Found Me Treasure

We went with Capt. Cornelius to help find buried treasure - and alas - we did find a locked treasure chest after finding a 2nd map under a Jolly Roger bubby. (See previous post for translation). Part of the treasure was ice cream at the cafe within Sebasco Harbor Resort. The Bean had bubblegum and Turtledove had strawberry.

While the girls were sleeping, we took the kayak out and paddled all around Malaga Island. Some parts were a bit rough for me :-).

Uncle Bob & Aunt Betty made it over from VT late this afternoon. We all enjoyed homemade salsa and farmstead cheese during happy hour. Then a full course of lobsters and salad for dinner. The weather started out only fair, but ended up a really nice day. Hoping for a beach day tomorrow.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is the view from our deck! We ate breakfast at this picnic table. The wind chimes at night ring constantly....can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.....Bob & Betty coming...

Uncle Jay came over for the day....out at the picnic table....

Pop & the girls.


The kayak made it.

Ate a lobster roll at
Brunswick Diner

Wow! we had quite a ride up, but man, I'll you -it is beee-utiful.

****Sean taking over****

We are's heavan. Popham beach rocks at low tide. We laid in hot water...Gail and her Dad floated down the currents the second day. We all hike up the island!! Bean and I almost got washed away by the current. Took a nap in the chair. Went on the kayak for the first time - so nice! Weaving in between the lobster boats and bouys....amazing. Tomorrow I have to get the bean to go out with me. G and the girls went to Seahorse to get lobsters...mmmm yummy!

Had Geary's with our new friends from Toronto. The kids played hide & seek upstairs. We braved the storm out on the deck.....ate 3 boxes of Dibs.

Turtledove calls the bouys...."bubbies"...she is having she already two?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Almost Packed...

Just a couple of things left to get in the car, and put the kayak on...we have a million maps - so hopefully we'll be able to get there ok. :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turtledove decided that she was a frog this morning and instead of speaking, she says "Ribbit" and was hopping all over the place....Until she hit her nose. Ouch.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Countdown to Maine 2008

We had a great weekend. Sean took a vacation day on Friday, so we headed over to JSH in Dennisville on Thursday evening. Grace & Ava couldn't be happier to return to Betsy (aka our '78 Airstream). Had a #10 day on the beach in Stone Harbor on Friday, topped off by dessert at Carol's. Grace is actually swimming under water, and Ava is more than happy to go under herself. Watch this she keeps saying. So proud.

We came back Saturday morning so that we could get together with Brent, Angela & Gabriella. Sunday was the Baptism at Holy Family. Holly brought Lucy and the 3 girls had a lot of fun playing together. Uncle Bill & Kathy made it down as well. Gabriella is such a cutie petutie!

Can't wait to leave for Maine - we will be going for a whole week. This is the view from the porch that we are staying at - it's right on the water where Sean can put-in the kayak - maybe Grace will want to go along! Looking across is Malaga Island. We are hoping to paddle around the basin a bit.

Gracism of the day: We're riding to camp, and she says, "Oh man, you forgot my coffee." Seriously?.

Here are a few older pics/video...