Wednesday, August 6, 2008

USPS - Mail Hold is a Scam

Why does the Post Office offer a mail hold for when you go on vacation, if they are not going to actually do it??

We had asked for our mail to restart on 8/2....have not received anything as of yet. (it's doubtful that they actually stopped delivering it when we asked as well). I even put a copy of the confirmation in the mailbox with the delivery stop/start information highlighted.


Oh - before I forget - we met a great family from Toronto on vacation - Andrea designs and handmakes beautiful jewelry. Check out the website

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Outside Ft. Popham.

Faces of Angels

Took this pic just outside of Fort Popham, down on the beach.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Update by Sean...

Had another nice breakfast...drinking coffee and watching the lobster boats.

Kind of lazy in the morning. Started to pick-up a little :>( and put some things in the car.

It was high tide around noon, so decided to try Totman Cove. It is really nice, but the air was still and very humid --- lots of bugs!

Went back to "SA - LOME" to have some lunch. Bought a print from Bethany of the dock next door in winter as a souvenir. She told us that "SA - LOME" is the name of the cottage that the owners previous to them had used.

We ate lobsters as a Linner while the girls were napping. Mark pulled these lobsters right out of his boat and put them in a bucket for us....we ate them 15 minutes later!!! Can't get any fresher.

The sun finally poked out so we went to Popham beach one last time. It was kind of chilly...went to Percy's for ice cream and to buy some t-shirts.

When we came up I took the kayak out one last time by myself. It was very calm - easy paddling. Went all around Bear Island.

The girls played kick-the-can with our friends next door (in the dark w/ flashlights).

Time for bed. Gail is in the hammock and doesn't want to go to sleep because vacation will be over.

Turtle Dove was really sweet tonight....gave out lots of kisses.

Cloudy on Thursday

update by Sean...Thursday was really cloudy. We just took it easy in the morning. Ate a slow breakfast over at J&W's cottage. The girls played with the Jenga blocks while Gail and I read magazines. J&W needed to get their tire fixed, so they went into town. We went down to Ft. Popham with our flashlights. Both girls fell asleep on the way there, so we just hung-out in the car in the parking lot while they napped. I tried to catch a snooze, but couldn't really....Gail read magazines.

When the girls woke-up we went into the fort. The Bean enjoyed walking up the circular stairs. She kept wanting to go all the way up to the top and yell off. We explored the "dark" rooms with our flashlights. We couldn't see in them last year, so it was kind of fun. We took some pictures (will upload later) outside the fort. The girls splashed in the water a little.

We went home and had lunch. We tried to get the girls to sleep again (not really successfull). We were able to get our lobsters for the night from the neighbors. So yummy! The girls went to sleep on the earlier side and G and I hung out on the deck. We laid on the hammock together, which was a bit risky.

One more day to go....