Monday, December 28, 2009

Ice Skating and Lions - Oh, my!

We went ice skating at UD on Sunday which was the first time ice skating for Turtle Dove and the second time for the Bean (and only the 7th or 8th time for me). Everyone did really well - about half way around the first lap Turtle Dove kept saying "I want to do it by myself." I have to say, she did pretty well - couldn't go that fast, but she was able to keep her balance. By the end of the session, the Bean was skating completely by herself and going pretty fast.

While the zamboni was on the ice, Gail stood in line for pretzels and soda and I sat with the girls. Out of the blue Turtle Dove says "Are there sharks under there?". I said under where....she points..."under the green ice.." (the ice was dyed green for the holidays). I said "no, but there are lines under the ice." The Bean looks at me kind of funny and says..."what...". I said again "there are lines under the ice." As serious as can be, the Bean says "'re kidding....there are no LIONS under the ice..." After I finish cracking up, I say "no! not LIONS, know like for a hockey game..." After about 10 minutes of discussion I think they finally believed me that there were no LIONS under the ice (you could barely see the lines through the green ice)....Anyways, it was a fun day.

p.s. - those are tattoos on the Bean's face.