Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WInter Olympics for the rest of us...

Last Friday night was of course the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. I always love watching the Olympics to see what crazy daredevil stunts the snow-boarders are going to do, or the mogul skiiers who are on their 4th set of knees by age 24. In order to commemorate the 2010 games, we thought it might be fun to enjoy a little night sledding. We of course are amateurs, but by the end of the night, the kids were ready to take on the best of the lugers.

Thanks to everyone else who had already been sledding at what we now refer to as The Hill, there were paths already carved out. Well, almost...sometimes the sleds had a way of veering off towards a tree.  The Hill was primed for terrific sledding.  So terrificly fast that we had to have "catchers" at the bottom of the hill who instead of sipping on a nice cold brew, had to be ready to dive towards the careening sled in order to stop it from going over the edge, right into the street. I guess you could say this was the X-games of Kiddie Bobsled. All in all, a lot of fun. Here are the final results:

  • Highest Starting Point: 1st Place goes to the team of Aiden and Grace; one official even overheard them challenging themselves to an even higher point.
  • Fastest Time: 1st Place goes to Calvin, who we could only see as a blur going down the mountain.
  • Closest Encounter with a Tree - Doubles: 1st Place goes to Norah and Ava. An Honorary Mention goes to Official Brian who risked his life in order to save theirs.
  • Most 360s during a single run: 1st Place goes to Eddie in an uncontested show of twenty-five 360 degree spiraling twists while holding on for dear life on a Classic flying disc.

Sunday brought us to Figure Skating. I use that term loosely because by the end of the session, I figured I was ready for competition. I figured wrong.

We met our friends Beth & Steve along with Ella, Lila and little CharChar at the UD Ice Arena. The girls were doing great. This was Grace's breakout session. She was skating by herself, not holding on and moving like she was going up against Ohno in the next race.  TurtleDove too did a fantastic job of going by herself for short runs, in the middle of the ice. Just before the end of the session, we were all going around for one last time. 

And that's when I thought I was in Ice Castles. I thought it would be fun to skate up behind Grace and give her a hug...while skating. Instead what I gave her was a bloody nose and a scraped up forehead.  And her own accident report (at least Ava isn't alone in that category anymore). As I put my arms around her, our skates got crossed and we both went down on the ice. She hit her nose pretty hard and a little (really, it was only a little at that point) blood sputtered out, onto the ice. So a guard comes over and was like is everyone ok?  I don't like to be an alarmist, so I was like, yeah - we're fine.  And then she says, we need to get that blood off the ice!  So, yes, by now Grace's nose was bleeding and we have 2 guards asking her what she had for breakfast...After we determined that she didn't suffer a concussion and that her nose was not broken, we headed to Red Robin for our Valentine's dinner. DL.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow anyone?

So for all those times that the Big One missed us, Mother Nature has more than made up for it.  First we had Winter Wallop. That was the snow storm right before Christmas.  And of course, I took a million pictures because I never thought the girls would see snow like that again. We played in it all day long.  But then, along comes Snowmaggedon. I don't even know if that spelling is close - I can't say I've ever had to write that word before. Snowmaggedon dropped a little over 2 ft of snow. TurtleDove put it as plainly as could be; "it's up to my hieney!".  Yeah, honey, we've all got snow coming out our.....

Snowmaggedon (I'm practicing) happened perfectly though, over a weekend.  We had a blast with our neighbors during night sledding, etc. Back in the cul de sac, we got the firepit out and had a snow party while the kids built igloos and tunnels in the large piles of snow created by the plows. And our beverages stayed nice and cold in Nature's cooler.  The next day we went back for more and tried to make a starting gate for sledding by the swingset. I was planning on taking Monday off as a snow day, but then I rec'd the winter storm warning for yet another one...

This time Februray Fury. In all of this, I always wonder who's the lucky guy/gal that gets to make up the names for each storm. I mean, it's not like hurricanes that go alphabetically...Well, this was the one that finally did it. With another foot of snow, the state officially closed down, and so did our companies. WE OFFICIALLY HAD A SNOW DAY. Only, with all of us at home and more snow to move, and girls who haven't left the house in days...it wasn't exactly Courrier & Ives sitting fireside.  Every other minute I felt like I had to break up GraceandAvamageddon.

Let us not forget about snow menus. That's right...it's almost like vacation cereal. Snow menus almost always include lots of hot chocolate, marshmallows, full breakfasts that include a meat of sorts along with either pancakes or waffles slathered in Nutella. 3rd cups of coffee that have (real) cream and (real)sugar, a la Penn State Creamery. Midafternoon snacks of cheese and crackers, deep fried appetizers by the fire because you don't feel like cooking a real meal, so you have a "picnic." Don't forget about the extra baking that happened; chocolate chip cookies, corn bread, peppermint bark of leftover Christmas remains. And then comes the part when you have to put your snow bib on to go outside, and you are now the breakfast sausage, being squeezed into the waterproof nylon casing.

However, the snow does bring along with it the opportunity to organize. Even though Sean balked when I put all 3 remotes in a cute little "holder" because I had to repurpose the holder instead of throwing it away. He said "Not everything needs a home." He still doesn't get who he lives with...

I have a small container of disks, not discs...disks, as in 3.5" floppy disks that have pictures on them from who knows when. The problem has been that our current computers don't accept these ancient artifacts. So, I finally lugged out the old laptop that sounds like it is going to explode after 5 minutes of use, and started moving pictures off the disks, ann onto the old computer, hoping that it doesn't crash and make it all a futile effort.  I made it through 1/2 of them before February's Fury began in our house again after naps. One great thing about snow - the girls are exhausted. I came across pics from our honeymoon in Jackson Hole, Meesha, Gilligan's Island and countless other hilarious/embarrassing photos.

On that note, I am off to go turn on the griddle and fry up some bacon and eggs with a short stack, accompanied by a large glass of OJ.