Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The S Word...and others...

It's the Primaries here today, and The Bean's school was closed...again. (They haven't had a full week yet, and they went back on 8/30!) I dropped Ava off first and was on our way to Grandma's house when Grace said something about "the S word". 

So I casually asked what the S word was, bracing myself for the answer...which apparently in her 1st grade world is Shut-up. I suppose she thinks it's one word...I breathe a sigh of relief that the real S word didn't come flying out of her mouth when she then announces she also knows about the F word.  Oh boy, here it comes, I thought. I could feel a pit in my stomach.

So again, in my innocence, I asked her what the F word was........

drum roll.....She said "it means fat." Some kids were talking about the S word and the F word in the back of the bus.

Fantastic. That's my F word for it. Let's hope that none of the words that start with A, S, F, etc come out anytime soon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sean & Turtle Dove visit the Doctor.

Yesterday I took Turtle Dove to the Dr. because she had been complaining about her ear hurting and it was her left ear which has had chronic problems (ear drum has burst 3 times).

After waiting for about 45 minutes we are finally seen by the Dr. As the Dr. is about to leave the room, Turtle Dove says "Daddy, I am so thirsty." I say "Ok, I am thirsty too....you've been such a good girl that we'll stop at Wawa on the way home and you can pick out any type of drink you want...."

PAUSE (Dr. standing in the hallway)...

Turtle Dove says, "I want a BEER." ***PAUSE*** Dr. looks at me.....thankfully, Turtle Dove clarifies without any prompting from me....."you know, the kind of BEER that kids can drink....what's that called - root beer?"

Phew! I thought I was about to get carted off to jail. The Dr. & I chuckle.

As it turns out, there is no ear infection. After leaving work 2 hours early, sitting in a waiting room for 45 minutes, and wasting $25 on the co-pay, I was ready for a real beer!